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Central Texas Endodontics

Patient Testimonials

"I wanted to say thank you for a great patient experience!  The whole encounter was certainly as pleasant as a root canal can be!  I can't thank you enough for working me in on such late notice.  I was most uncomfortable but have felt great since I walked out your doors.  You can bet I will tell everyone I know about you guys."

"Thanks for your great care.  I love how thorough you guys are and apprecite your integrity."

"I suppose that a root canal is the last thing I would ever thank anyone for, however, you and your staff made everything so easy for me.  I know I was difficult to work on but other than my usual TM pain, I never experienced any discomfort.  I certainly feel comfortable referring patients to you knowing the excellent care they will receive.  You have a wonderful staff.  They were all caring, attentive and friendly, and I know from experience that is hard to find.  Thank you again for making my experience so easy."

"You deserve a very special 'Thank you' for not giving up on me!  Thank you so much for your effort on my behalf.  I really appreciated it and just wanted you to know."